We at SUPREME GERMAN BLINDS are proud to represent MHZ in the Canadian market. Perfection and individuality have always been distinctive features of MHZ blinds products and every single MHZ solution therefore shows its unique style. There is a highly experienced team behind every product line. Knowhow, innovative flair, expertise and dedication are our staff’s key strengths.

The highest possible level of customer satisfaction is the objective that spurs MHZ on in everything they do from the first idea to the finishing touch. Our team at SUPREME GERMAN BLINDS guarantee with our excellent service from the initial contact, selecting of suitable fabrics (style & functionality) over our installation services, that this objective is kept through the whole process.

Supreme German Blinds MHZ

Every MHZ product – an original

For over 80 years, MHZ solutions have been individually custom-made to client specifications. Every MHZ product is an original, using materials with special properties, highly evolved production processes, leading edge technology and handcrafted precision.

Expertise and many years of know-how produce that extra touch of perfection, fascination and pleasure that people all over the world associate with the MHZ name and products.

Venetian, vertical, panel, roller, pleated and roman blinds for every room in the home as well as awnings, exterior venetian blinds and shading systems on terraces for the exterior are MHZ’s main product lines.

MHZ products fulfill the highest requirements not only in terms of interior design and light regulation, but also in terms of heat and climate control. We at SUPREME GERMAN BLINDS shape lighting, space and life! While regulating the incoming light, we create the desired atmosphere and provide a sense of well-being and inspiration. Our MHZ solutions provide long and lasting pleasure by virtue of having timeless beauty and being ahead of the curve.


  • Panel Blinds

    Simple styles, strong statements

    On floor-length windows, large glazed fronts and also as room dividers, they underline the clear, purist touch and overall statement of any room.


  • Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

    Emphasizing variety and the essentials

    Free-hanging systems, which are fitted to the window, embellish the entire window front. Taut systems, fitted directly into the glazing bead, allow unrestricted use of swivel and tilting windows.


  • Roller Blinds

    Highly practical and exceptionally beautiful

    The roller shaft around which the fabric wraps itself is the technical system that, with the help of the control element, enables the blind to be precisely held in any position. The amount of incoming light can be regulated to suit, depending on how much screening and protection from glare is required.


  • Roman Blinds

    Textile sophistication and fascinating in their effect

    Exclusive fabrics in varying degrees of transparency, lots of colours and interesting patterns make windows of either straight or curved shape into real eye-catchers.


  • Venetian Blinds

    Perfect play of light and privacy screening

    114 harmonious shades in contemporary interior trends with any number of different surface textures and four different slat widths impress in custom-made solutions, including for unusual window shapes.


  • Vertical Blinds

    Based on clarity and flair

    Aesthetically beautiful, MHZ vertical blinds allow the most precise modulation of light, even in the case of large window surfaces, doors, skylights and special shapes.

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